Surreal studio was founded by Vishnu Sathyan. He is a self-taught designer with over a decade of experience in working with startups, entrepreneurs & businesses.

Vishnu’s career started at the age of 18 as a textile designer back in 2009 in Chennai, India. He learnt about colours from there. In 2010 he found his love towards typography. Soon he moved to a magazine designing company, where he learnt typesetting.

Since 2009 he had been titled as Textile Designer, Magazine Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Template Designer, Experience Designer, Wire-frame Designer, Interface Designer, UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer, Typography Designer, Motion Designer, Icon Designer, Identity Designer, Product Designer to name a few.

He realised his passion towards design. Passion drives him.

Surreal was founded with the motive to create wonderful designs for wonderful thoughts of entrepreneurs.

More about the founder;

For partnerships, business enquiries or just saying hi; reach out to hello@makesurreal.com